Best Strategies for Boom Beach

We’ve all heard of this game, and we all love playing it, but how much really do you know about the game? Boom Beach was first released for Canada only but soon after Supercell, the developer company expanded its availability on gaming market and released it worldwide. The game became extremely popular in just about one year, so the developers added same updated to the original content shortly after. The game is based on tower defense gameplay, or what we call it now, base defense. The principle is the same attack the enemy base and defends against the enemy attacks while growing stronger by collecting more resources. Attack strategies are improving every day, so we need to keep ourselves updated if we want to stay in the game.

Riflemen as cannon feeders.

maxresdefault (1)The best strategy for attacking low to a medium level base is to bring a lot of riflemen. The idea is to cover the portion of damage with your troops. Of course, you will not be bringing just them. To make this strategy bulletproof you want to bring Zookas too and equips yourself with mortar fire. The mines can be a problem, but if they are in line one shot from artillery fixes it. The idea is to clear the way with artillery, creating a path between the minefield, then rush in with riflemen, supported with damage enhancing Zookas. Zookas do a lot of damage to sniper towers and headquarters so you want to keep their hp intact.

Hack your way to victory!

When all else fails, you should remember that there are some useful tools online that can help you achieve success in no time. Yes, we are talking about hack tools, the best hack tool available. There are a lot of cheats for boom beach game and you shouldn’t think twice about using one. You can download them for free and use them to refuel your units with hp or get as many resources as you want. Your opponents won’t notice that you are using hack tool with all the commotion and chaos in their base. You can also keep two groups of units mingled together, this way when you use the hack tool and heal them the other player won’t notice their health bars filling up.

maxresdefault (2)

Bring in the heavy artillery.

Using Tanks, Scorchers and Heavy units is not a bad way to go about conquering an enemy base. You just need to know how to disperse them into the battlefield. Tank have a have a heavy armor, so place them in first rows to absorb some of the damage intended for Scorchers. Once they get close, Scorchers deal massive amounts of damage to enemy units and buildings. And finally, you have Heavys to finish the job and eliminate any remaining enemy buildings or just attack the headquarters and put the enemy team out of their miseries.

Whatever approach you choose, and whatever tactic you find most effective, knowing how to use it is crucial in combat. Learn the rules of this game well, to become victorious with every attack.

The good sides of gaming

If you are a gamer, casual or hard core, you must have at least once had someone tell you how bad gaming is for you, how it’s making you violent and how it wastes your time. Now, if you are a thinking person, you might have decided not to go down the winding road of that conversation, but you probably know that the person is wrong.

And, sure, there is a number of studies proving that there is no correlation between video games and violence, which seems to be one of the favorite arguments the video game bashers have. You know – think of the kids! But, thinking of the kids, are there good sides to gaming? The answer is resounding yes, and here, we will talk a bit about just that, so you can show this to your mom next time she gives you hard time about playing Call of Duty.


You must have, at least once, been told how you should go out and play with your friends and depending on how old you are, you might have used the online aspect of the game as your defense. Today, the possibilities of virtual communication and in-game socialization is bigger than ever. People form friendships and even relationships through video games, and there are at least two cases of in-game weddings that I personally know of.

Asides from the mere connection to other people via internet, online gaming is letting you do something you can’t do by just “getting out” – it’s allowing you to talk and get to know people from all over the world. With the interactive gaming social networks and multiplayer platforms like PlayStation Network, you can get to know more people then there are living in your street. Or block. Or even city, for that matter. You can get free PSN cards right here, to make it even easier.


Another awful lie and a terrible thing to say to a person is that gamers are stupid and that video games are actually making kids and adults stupid. The pretense is that hours spent locked in front of your computer or TV screen, playing video games is making your brains work less and get dull in the process. To this – all I can say is: “Pssshh!”. Yes, I know – not a very professional thing to say, but we are talking about an absurd argument here. Almost any video game you play will entice you to think and use your brain in order to advance to the next level, beat the next boss or even play the game at the basic levels.

There is even an entire family of games dedicated to exclusively developing your brains through puzzles and riddles. Others, achieving the same results, do it through the clever usage of actual fun to make you think without you even realizing you are doing it. This is how children can learn valuable skills, develop logic or even learn about life, while having fun.

Unravel for PS4

Unravel is original 2D platform that can be one of the first sensations of 2016. A game made from the depths of the heart, just to tell a beautiful life journey.001

In the past year, emotions again become a commodity over video games. Thus, free psn codes 2016 is one of the absolute success of the great Yoshi’s Woolly World, although another announcement raised as much or more interest among players: the announcement of Unravel on PS4, Xbox One and PC, an indie game starring a stuffed wool  became one of the sensations at the beginning of this year. Eight months after its official launch, Unravel is finished. And we have played from beginning to end. And it’s wonderful. That would be enough for not gutting anything to anyone, but it would be unfair. Because under the appearance of 2D platform it hides much more intelligent game with a vital message that may even make you mourn, as other “art-games”.Unravel is, above all, a story without words, which through 12 levels reconstruct the experiences and memories of a family. A moving story that has beautiful Nordic scenery as a background, which you access through the photo frames that decorate the interior of a house, which serves as the central world.

002And what is all about this red wool snowman? He will be responsible for reuniting these memories, “dipping into” photos and taking back what took place in them. Just a single limit when running these memories: the length of the strand of wool, which limits your progress. Unravel offers a clever mix between 2D platforms and puzzles over 12 levels. And is that yarny, it’s called the protagonist doll melts as you go and use their wool to overcome obstacles in the environment. Just to reach the plentiful checkpoints regains its tissue, even if it sometimes plays a small detour or retrace our steps to recover wool. Apart from jumping, yarny has a few tricks up his wool. With L2 and R2 can throw a rope to hold on to certain points of the scenarios (always marked red and with a small beam of light), climb the thread or pull it.003All these features together enable us to overcome the puzzles, all based on physics, and ultimately they are the real heart of the game.Unravel has been one of the first pleasant surprises of the year. A title that takes care form or background, and know like both those looking for a 2D platform and those who seek deeper messages. A game that, like the great works of Pixar, knows how to keep these two levels of reading for anyone to find in it what you want. As mentioned earlier, a more than pleasant surprise at start of 2016.

Instagram and photo composition

There are many elements that are important for creating a good photo on Instagram. As in photography, there are certain rules that makes or breaks your image, and you  should spend some time in understanding those rules. Still, Instagram has some specific demands that you will not find in other photo sites, that are most of all related to specific format of the image that Instagram uses.For additional help you can check, esspecially about followers and likes related issues. 

Image on Instagram is not a standard photo format, but it is in a form of a square, standard photo format is 3:4, while Instagram format is 3:3 or in other words all sides of the photo are the same. That is very important when it comes to composition, because you can not apply all ordinary rules that are otherwise applicable, to a image of such format. Most of all, we are speaking about rule of thirds or famous golden triangle rule. Such methods are made for regular, or 4:3 formats, while they required some adjustments to be applied to Instagram, another concern that is important is related to focus and proper placing of your object, or if you prefer your model.

Proper placement of model is esssentional from the same reason like before, in any time of your work you should be fully aware that you are dealing with square format, therefore many ordinary photographic tricks must ne adjusted. You may ask yourself what is the best position for a model? When you are shooting photo for Instagram, be sure to place a object or model right in the middle of your image. Placing object or model to the edge would create disharmony of the composition, so due to fact that you are dealing with square format, you must focus your image in a centre. That will affect other elements as well, so be very careful if you are trying to apply rule of thirds or golden triangle on such image.

Be sure always to analyse the entire composition, specially surroundings and visualize effects of any possible combination. Arrange elements and object if necessary and check entire composition once more. Remove any necessary objects that may create disharmony and start your session. Be sure always to take a lot of images, it will be no problem to discard those that are unnecessary, later in editing phase of production. If you made any shortcomings in composition, you can crop photos in Photoshop and male a perfect square Instagram photo.

Destiny: The Taken King Playstation 4 Review

There are many controversial and complex games, but Destiny is probably one of the most complex and most questionable games that I ever played. After several expansions, that were merely just a cosmetics. we have oportynity to play newest expansion to this space RPG shooter game, which is trying to bring back old good feeling of plating simple, yet addictive game.

The latest expansion is simply said logical extension from previous part, but at the same time it brings a lot new things into gameplay, and entire new perspective in the game. You will be excited with new areas and new missions that are very well done, even better then original Destiny missions. You can get free psn codes 2015 and immediately enjoy in Destiny: The Taken King!

You will be introduced to variety of new characters in the game that will bring huge ammount of fun and humor into game. Missions are really creative and original, we will not spoil your excitement here, just we want to place a note that developers really tried to make missions alive, unforgetable aspects of this expansion, and they succeeded in such endeavor. They are also filled with some sort of experimentation, filled with various activities that range from climbing to a high tree to finding missing ingredients. The expanson is bringing new area to be explored, this time it is not a new planet, but a ship, that crashed somewhere on a surface of Saturn. Interesting setting for expansion, and new, fresh look that will be welcomed by many fans of this game. Developers also invested a lot of time, energy and coding in changing crafting system in the game, now you can combine different items and salvage their essences, all in attempt to create new versions with upgraded statistics.

That open  huge space for almost endless combinations, forcing you to save every piece of equipment in a hope to upgrade it to some epic weapon. Expansion also brings whole new set of enemies that you will encounter, but general feeling is that AI of the game remained almost the same, changes are more or less cosmetics. Most changes that are worth of mentioning are skill related or they are subtle changes that tuned existing patterns in the game.Nevertheless, Destiny gained a lot with this expansion, it gives expression that we are coming back to the origins of this series. It is probably true that true virtue lies in simplicity, if that is true then Destiny: The Taken King is a huge step in that direction.

Better Instagram Tips

in this article we will give you tips on portrait photography that may help you to improve your Instagram portfolio with Instagram method for free instagram followers!

1. Proper light!

The quality of light in an image is every bit as important as the subject read up on it and also start to observe the light. Natural light is best and of course, is freely available, but also you may use household lighting and streetlights whatever you can find. You may experiment with different length and wide-angle lenses that tend to distort features a little bit. This can be right for children, because it can enlarge their eyes. That is often quite a nice effect to flatter a portrait.For adults I tend to use something longer lens, and you may experiment with temperatures and colors,


2. Shooting at different angle

 Experiment with different wide aperture maybe F 2.8 that will give you very shallow depth of field with a lovely blurred background. You can find them in smaller shops at and they will ensure that the background is fairly sharp. Try to shoot at a high level, but also experiment shooting at different angles. Still bear in mind the shooting up or down affects the way the viewer sees the subject! That is very important! Shooting up at the subject can make them look imposing, from other side shooting down can make them look awkward!


3. Create nice backgrounds

You want to achieve more neutral emotional effect, so try to use fixed lens. Prime lenses tend to be very sharp with rigid contrast and color, so therefore they are a crucial for getting high quality photos.

Beside that, they also have a very wide aperture, and this is great in did! Shallow depth of focus is very useful for creating some great background blurred images. lovely black background and for shooting in low-light a little charm there is a long way you your social skills not just your photographic skills now most people are having their photo taken so little charm friendliness even just politeness can go a long way


4. Don’t rush into taking photos

 Take your time, make sure that your subject is feeling comfortable, relaxed and positive. You don’t want to waste time, so start after you are convinced that your subject is acting naturally. You may start a conversation, try to tell few jokes or speak about weather. It may sound silly, but it works! A friendly chat is usually the best method for relaxing your subject.

Assassin’s Creed IV: PS 4 Review

Assassin’s Creed IV is famous game in the industry and this time it brings cannons, pirates and sailing. In previous versions of the game we enjoyed in medieval time, jumped into the renaissance and Civil War in America, this time you will discover unique adventures of pirates and search for hidden treasure. One of the unique characteristics of the game is telling two stories at the same time, it is exactly the case in this new version.
The game itself is about Edward Kenway, the grandfather in the previous game, so in some sense this game is step back in the history. The story is very fast and it is written very well, concentrating on the stories about pirates and treasure. You will be engaged in the plenty of activities and unexpected turns in the gameplay. This game is not a game for short gameplay, you will need a lot of time and a lot of nerves the successfully finish some missions in the game. We must agree, that this story is not the best story in the Assassin’s Creed game series, but nevertheless it is interesting enough to keep you engaged in solving quests.If you are already hooked up, getting free psn codes is a step forward toward tour Carribian adventure.

It brings original twists and intrigue that will impress fans of the series. As a previous titles, Assassin’s Creed IV is based upon parkour and some kind of free running and free movement. The controls are almost identical to the previous games, but Sprint and Climb option are improved in terms of sensibility. You will need a fast reflexes the successfully played this game, because even controls are very basic, they are triggered by proper timing. You can perform different movements with simple commands, and even that works most of the time, sometimes it simply is not accurate enough. Assassin’s Creed IV is trying to be an open world game, but it is not possible to play free as you like. It offers very large world, but the game has lots of distractions in the form of assassination missions and collectible items. You can hunt animals and use supplies that you can get all over, something similar to Far Cry 3 in a term of a gameplay.

Assassin’s Creed IV is very interesting game that will for sure give you hours and hours of fun. It may be not the best game in the franchise, but it will give you a lot of fun. If you like pirates and treasure, this is a perfect game for you.

So, you like pink arrows?

The first ranged unit in Clash of Clans and second unit that you will unlock are Archers. We will cover basic information and strategy in this blog post,including clash of clans hack that will help you to create better armies in Clash of Clans.

Archers have few disadvantages in the game, like low amount of health and moderate damage capabilities, but they are experts in dealing damage from a safe distance. Invest in upgrade of your Archers and they will gain additional power, that is specially important in shooting enemies at the distance, for example shooting enemies that are hiding behind defensive Walls. To produce one archer you will need just one supply, which makes them really cheap units in the game. Training time is 25 seconds and they can attack air and ground units without having any preferred target. They are extremely cheap, and very fast to be produced, which makes them one of the greatest units in Clash of Clans. You should upgrade your archers as soon as possible to level 5, because they will gain much needed additional hitpoints. If you are thinking about trophy hunting you can rely on archers, because they are great units for this role, we will describe some of most useful strategies that are based on archers.

The best combination of units of early in the game are certainly archers and barbarians that can be very easily efficient in war battles, or trophy hunting. Because they have very low health, you will need to protect your archers somehow. Best protection from Wizard Towers and Mortars is deploying your archers in several waves and spreading them around. If you deployed your archers all at once they will become easy target for defensive towers that can swipe away entire group of archers in few seconds. Because archers are very vulnerable, you should protect them with tanking units like Giants and barbarians. They will receive damage from defensive towers and protect your archers. Archers can easily take down Army Camps and Barracks because they can attack targets over the Walls.

You can easily take down Cannons and Archer Towers with your archers, because they can shoot over the Walls.Mortars and Wizard Towers will be nightmare for your archers, because they can very easily destroy entire group. You can save your archers from being destroyed in just one hit if you deployed them in several waves. You can also try another combination of Giants and archers. Deploy your giant first and when he receive initial attack from towers deploy your Archers.

Advanced Barbarian Guide

Barbarian is one of the most commonly used unit in Clash of Clans. We decided to make a short tutorial and explain tips and tricks that may help you to play more efficiently with this unit. So, let’s start with some tricks!
First of all, always remember that disadvantage of this unit is low health. So, you need to protect them and the best unit for this role in the entire game is giant. Simple strategy is to place one giant before your barbarians and you are ready to go!

Tip that you should apply is, to never, ever place all your barbarians at the same time. You should deploy your troops in a separate times, to increase chances of staying alive. That will help against area of effect towers like Wizard towers and Mortars. Remember this simple trick and always deploy your barbarians in several waves. Numbers are also very important. As a general rule you can deploy 10 to 12 barbarians per one wave. The big question for this strategy is how to take down Towers? Well, single target structures like Cannons or Archer Towers can be simply overrun by barbarians. The problem is with area of damage Towers like Mortars and Wizard towers. To take them down it is best to spread out your units and attack from different angles. You can also support your units with healing spell. One of the biggest disadvantage of using barbarians is how to deal with Clan Castle units.If you are in lack of resources to build your Barbarians try clash of clans hack to fill your storage within a second.

They will always target Clan Castle units when they come out. That is a problem if Clan Castle consist of Archers or some other range units. Such units will be able to attack your barbarians behind the walls. To prevent such situation drop several barbarians need a Clan Castle to lure units outside. Then deploy more barbarians to destroy remaining forces. If you are considering to use barbarians as Clan Castle unit, we may say that they are not the best for this role. Since they are melee units they cannot play this role well. Rage spell also can be very helpful in supporting your barbarian army.

Later in the game barbarians will remain one of the main strategic forces of your Army. You should always take care and protect them from Mortars and Cannons. Try to upgrade them as fast as you can because they view benefit a lot with upgrades.In this short tutorial we tried to explain and give some practical tips and tricks that will help you to play better with barbarians in Clash of Clans.

Knights of Pen & Paper II Review

One of the most interesting games that I ever played is for sure Knights of Pen & Paper II,turn-based adventure where you are in a role od Dungeon Master, but at the same time you are in the role of player! If you are, like myself RPG fun, this game is a must! RPG games are one of the most popular games today available on the market, but few of them may say that they are following the tradition of genre, established long ago with D&D games like Wizardry or Heroes of Might and Magic. Knights of Pen & Paper II is a game that comes back to the origins of rpg games and present you unlimited possibilities of questing and adventuring using only your imagination, pen and paper.

You will start your adventure at Spawn Point Village with a simple quest of killing rats. What a start for an rpg game! This is game with executed and humor, where every piece of dialogue is actually a joke and pop culture reference. It’s extremely entertaining and you will find your self reading, listening and laughing by reading those interesting comments inserted in a game. The gameplay itself is turn-based. Before you start a battle, you will be given a choice to create a character, stats, traits and skills, but you also choose a race – human, elf or dwarf. There are many possibilities and combinations, so RPG loers will truly enjoy in this process. You will discover that every character that you made is unique and it will affect the gameplay. At any moment of the game you can change the members of your party by entering the tavern.


On that way you can adjust the best possible combination for particular situation, maybe you need to attack a Boss with spells, or a Boss is spell resistant Golem when you need to leave your Mage in a tavern? Every time you level up your soldiers will get skill points and special weapons, armor and trinket that will boost their specific skills.The battle is very interesting because you will need to think, not only to click with the mouse button. There are a lot quests on a world map, and you will find yourself exploring the mystical fantasy world, saving princesses and discovering ancient mysteries.

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is truly RPG gem that every player who consider itself to be a RPG fan must experience. It is original, fun and interesting roleplay adventure with amazing atmosphere that will push you to throw a dice one more time.